Is Pressure Point Fighting Real ?

Published: 22nd April 2010
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Ever see Mr. Spock, the Vulcan, drop bad guys on TV like a box of rocks by simply touching their shoulder or upper back with his hand? Was this science fiction or could it really be science fact? The real truth is that the TV character, Mr. Spock, was pictured manipulating imaginary pressure points for the benefit of the TV camera. Even though this was science fiction, pressure point fighting is absolutely science fact.

Using the mindset of the West, one might ask how can this be? Understandings begins by stepping outside the box of the mindset of the West and consider the wisdom and ancient knowledge of the East. For over a thousand years, the Chinese have known about the existence of meridians in the body. I call these meridians by a more descriptive term as "rivers of energy". Along these "rivers of energy", it was also discovered that there were strategically placed "pressure points" located on these rivers to allow points of manipulation for medicinal purposes. While these "rivers of energy" and "pressure points" do not appear in any book on traditional medicine of the West, they do exist. In fact, health care practitioners of the East have utilized this ancient knowledge for centuries by the reduction of pain and suffering in the body. Some of these health care practitioners are known today as healers in the practice of acupuncture and acupressure.

Somewhere in the span of time after the discovery of this knowledge, masters of martial arts recognized that this same knowledge, which was presently used by healers, could also be used in fighting techniques but in a very powerful and effective way. With the mastery of this knowledge, the dawn of pressure point fighting had begun.

Today, many high-ranking practitioners of Karate and other martial arts possess this ancient knowledge of pressure points. Categorized as "advanced training", also called Okudan in Japanese, this knowledge was reserved only for Martial Arts Masters, and was NEVER to be released to the public. Because of this secrecy, Black Belt holders of lower rank and students striving to attain the rank of Black Belt were not taught the specifics and sometimes they were not even told of the existence of this very powerful knowledge of pressure point fighting.

Is pressure point fighting real? In a word, absolutely! In fact today, pressure point knowledge, which is being incorporated in present self-defense classes, is starting to empower many who are seeking non-aggressive ways of defending themselves in today's current violent environment. Please do not overlook this powerful, ancient knowledge of pressure points when considering how to defend yourself and your loved ones when being attacked. Until next time...

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